Family is the first institution established by the Creator, God. This institution, blessed and sustained by the Lord, is under relentless attack. In light of our culture’s arrogant war on Truth, several questions and observations arise:  How do we defend marriage against a radically secular culture that denies moral absolutes? As you read this page, the definition of family is being erased from our collective understanding. Our society no longer values the structure that God established to produce successful citizens, productive workers, and healthy children.  We are in a downward spiral.  How can it be that in a civilized culture we celebrated the passage of a barbaric law that allows for babies to be murdered inside their mother’s womb up until birth?  The silence of believers is not an option.

Can the Church be equipped to successfully navigate the rapid decline of our culture? Absolutely! In its second year, the Marriage, Family, and Life Conference endeavors to motivate the Body of Christ to engage our culture boldly with Truth. There are answers to the pressing questions of this generation. MFL 2019 has brought together a collection of voices to speak to the most pressing issues of our day. Join us as we respond to questions about:

  • Marriage: Is it still relevant? Does the Church have a vested interest in it? How do we restore those that are broken?
  • Family: How can we defend it if we don’t properly define it? What makes the Biblical standard of Family the only standard?
  • Life: What must the Church do to glorify God in the midst of a culture of death? How do we navigate new norms regarding not only sexual ethics, but sexual identity? 

SPONSORED BY: AFA, Urban Family Communications and Hope Church Tupelo

The Marriage, Family, and Life Conference will challenge and equip adults and children to contend for the Faith and continue Holding the Line!

*We have some rooms blocked off for the Conference at the La Quinta Inn & Suites here in Tupelo

La Quinta Inn & Suites

1013 North Gloster St.

Tupelo MS 38804

Phone Number: 662-847-8000 Call and tell them you are with the Marriage, Family and Life Conference in June