COGIC mission: Make abortion unthinkable, unavailable

Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2018 | Charlie Butts, | Pro-Life

A major Pentecostal denomination is taking a leadership role in taking the message of life to its member churches and their congregations.

More than one-third of abortions in America (approx. 36%) terminate the lives of black babies in the womb. The Church of God in Christ, recognizing the devastation that brings to the black community, three years ago teamed with Human Coalition to create a program for pastors, lay leaders, and members to turn the situation around. Bishop Vincent Mathews, Jr., leader of the denomination's International Missions Department, spearheads the program.

"We're saying to women who are determined to have an abortion for whatever reason: Don't kill the child, for whatever circumstances you have," he shared Wednesday on American Family Radio. "Give the baby to us and we have parishioners, lay members, as well as clergy who will adopt them."

Under the program, many women have turned their backs on abortion – some who find themselves extreme circumstances. Mathews cites a case just this week.

"There was a woman who was human trafficked – she doesn't know who the father is. She was going to have an abortion," said Mathews. "She was convinced not to have that abortion [but to] have that child. We're getting the papers all together. They're working at the hospital frantically now."

The adopting family is in Chicago – and that's how the "Family Life Campaign" works. The program also encourages COGIC members to adopt children from the foster care system.

Mathews and his wife Sharon have 11 children, five still at home, and are looking forward to adopting another child.

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