The Tragedy of Wrong Values and Mixed Messages

Posted: Thursday, March 8, 2018 | Joseph Parker | Pro-Life

An abortionist is an individual who kills babies in the womb. He takes the lives of defenseless, harmless, innocent babies for any of a number of reasons given by expectant mothers. He does it for a living and typically makes a large income from doing this. The word for killing innocent human beings with premeditation is called murder. Sadly, some doctors have decided to become murderers, and tragically, it is legal in this nation.

Such an individual recently spoke to students at Mississippi State University. This particular abortionist says he is a Christian. He is a sad and deceived individual with a deceptive message that says it is OK to be a Christian and murder innocent babies. He is seeking to convince young men and women that it is acceptable to kill innocents who have no way of defending or speaking up for themselves. He is basically telling people that one can ignore the clear command in the Ten Commandments: “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13). 

Only a few days ago, our nation witnessed another horrific school shooting in which a young man concluded that killing some of his classmates and school staff was somehow OK. He is now in jail, and rightfully so. The word for what he did is murder. Murder is the taking of innocent life.

Abortionists take innocent life regularly, and they get paid a lot of money to do it. Meanwhile, those who take the lives of people who are a little older go to jail.

I witnessed an instance when my wife was ministering to a group of young children. She had asked them what they were thankful for. Some responded by saying the usual things -- “I’m thankful for my family, thankful for my mom,  thankful for my home.” However, two little boys, both younger than seven years of age, each said, “I’m thankful my mama didn’t abort me.”

Sadly, these two young boys knew what abortion is. Also, they were grateful that they were not victims of this tragic reality. And, very likely, they knew that possibly a brother, or a sister, or a cousin, or another child is not here because of abortion. So the question needs to be asked: What kind of world have we made for our children? And what messages are they receiving from adults? One message may very well be that adults keep some children and adults kill some children.

Mother Theresa, in an excerpt from her speech at the 1994 Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., said the following:

". . .But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?"

We are told in Proverbs 31:8-9, "Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy."

We, the Church of Jesus Christ, need to deliberately and passionately pray for the ending of legalized abortion. We must boldly speak up and speak out for those precious babies who cannot speak for themselves. This needs to become a high priority for the Church today. Why?  Because the holocaust of abortion has continued to happen on our watch. We need to have the will and the Holy Spirit-empowered passion to do our part. With God’s help, we can end this.

We encourage and invite all believers to go to and sign the petition. Let us, by God’s mercy, wisdom, grace, and power, end legalized abortion.