Black pro-life leader: Civil rights movement has been hijacked

Posted: Monday, September 5, 2016 | Charlie Butts, | Pro-Life

One African-American pro-life leader has written a book taking on the major civil rights issues facing Americans today.

Ryan Bomberger, who serves with the Radiance Foundation, looks at the mess this country has made of civil rights today in his latest work titled, Not Equal: Civil Rights Gone Wrong.

“We address the issue of abortion, Planned Parenthood, black genocide [and] Black Lives Matter,” Bomberger shared.

“We talk about fatherlessness, LGBT activism and basically judges gone wild. So we tackle these issues, including free speech and religious liberty, and it's a different sort of take on things, It's a journalist’s journey of words and designed images.”

The intent behind the work is to make a picture in the minds of the readers about the realities of life – not only for black Americans, but for others, as well.

Bomberger says that the ultimate result of hate is discrimination and death. In fact, he contends that this the picture of abortion.

“And so when we talk about civil rights, we have to include every single human being,” the pro-family advocate insists. “Our nation fought through this whole civil rights era and a group of people – demographic people of my complexion – who weren't considered human. How is it that we still embrace this warped mentality that somehow some groups of human beings are not human enough?”

Bomberger himself is a product of rape – a mother who brought him into the world rather than sacrifice him at an abortion clinic – and he was adopted by a loving family.

He argues that society wants to redefine life, redefine marriage and the family. He then insisted, "but you can't redefine reality."

Looking at the state of America today, Bomberger concludes that the civil rights movement has been hijacked.