Boldly stand for life

Posted: Saturday, October 29, 2016 | Joseph Parker | Pro-Life

Urban Family Communications is a ministry division of the American Family Association, a Christian ministry based in Tupelo, MS. Our mission is specifically “to inform and empower black families to grow into mature disciples by wisely applying biblical truth to our issues and interests. In short, we stand for truth, wisdom, and empowerment.”

Urban Family Communications, also referred to as Urban Family Talk, specifically seeks to focus on the African-American community, yet it really reaches far beyond racial and ethnic boundaries to a significant cross section of our culture. We as a ministry have sought to biblically address a number of critical issues that face our nation as a whole today and affect the African-American community in particular. One of these issues is the life issue. 

The need for the Church to boldly and faithfully stand for life and against abortion is great. UFC has sought to be a courageous mouthpiece for the Lord in addressing this issue, and as a network, we seek to talk about it regularly and faithfully. And by the grace of God, we regularly get responses from listeners by phone, email, text, etc., in which people are making statements like, “I used to be pro-choice, but since I started listening to UFC, I have changed by mind. I now stand for Life!”

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!

The Holy Spirit is reaching people and changing hearts, and we have the honor and privilege of being one of the vessels He uses to change those hearts.

In addition to speaking to the life issue on the air, UFC also sponsors the Festival for Life, an event that uses movie clips, movie trailers, and music videos to share a biblical message about the need for the Church to boldly and aggressively 1) stand for life and 2) come alongside and work faithfully with and support the work of local pregnancy centers. Again, we are grateful to be co-laborers with the Lord in addressing this issue.

However, so much more still needs to be done, including that of waking the sleeping giant that is the Church and stirring us to passionately and aggressively confront and stop this tremendous evil called abortion. We have the most powerful weapon in the world: the Holy Spirit. We the Church must do our job, and when we do, the Holy Spirit will be at liberty to fully do His job. And the Holy Spirit, when given the opportunity to fully do His job, NEVER LOSES.

Here are a few suggestions for what we the Church should be doing and on what scale should we be doing it:

1.) Fervently and strategically pray for the end of legalized abortion. Our goal is not just to limit abortion. We, by the grace of God, shall end it. 

2.) Find your local pregnancy center and aggressively come alongside them and help them by

  • praying daily for their ministry
  • giving financially and approaching your church fellowship about adding that ministry to the annual budget.
  • volunteering your time and encouraging others to volunteer as well
  • donating baby items to your local pregnancy clinic,

3.) Get involved with, pray for, and give financially to pro-life ministries that are on the frontlines of this issue. Life Dynamics, Students for Life, 40 Days for Life, and so many others are doing great things to end the tragedy of abortion.

4.) Get , use, and distribute effective tools like Life Dynamics’ “Maafa 21” and the “Dear Parent” or “Dear Client” letters produced by the Justice Foundation.

These are a few ways we the Church can get so much more involved with standing for life and ending abortion. Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ? Then get involved today! The lives of many precious babies are at stake!

If you would like to bring a Festival of Life event to your church and community, please email me at  or call 1–662–844–5036, Ext. 381.