Where's the concern for 'all life everywhere'?

Posted: Monday, July 25, 2016 | Charlie Butts, | Pro-Life

A pro-lifer finds in "disingenuous" to ignore the deadliest factor claiming African-American lives.

"If we're concerned about any life that is lost, whether it's in Minnesota or Texas, police officers or just any life anywhere, we've got to be concerned about all life everywhere," says Walter Hoye, president of the Issues4Life Foundation. "If we're not, then we're being dishonest and disingenuous."


Life matters, but the reasons for death in the black community also deserve focus. So Hoye took a look at research by Dennis Howard of the Movement for a Better America on the impact of abortion on blacks.

"Abortion in black America [is] almost three times more than the lives that are lost to heart disease, cancer, and strokes combined," Hoye relays. "It was just startling to actually see that, and we did that looking at the 13 leading causes of death."

More than 30 percent of the abortions in America terminate the lives of black babies in the womb. So the Issues4Life president wonders how African-Americans can continue to align themselves with an industry that profits from the death of more black Americans than the 13 leading causes of death. He says that is unacceptable.