The ‘Dear Parent’ letter

Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2016 | Joseph Parker | Pro-Life

She called out of the blue: “My parents have scheduled for me to get an abortion. The abortion is scheduled for tomorrow. I want to keep my baby. Can you help me?”

“Shay” was 17, still in school, still very much dependent on and under the care of her dad and mom, and desperate. How she got our phone number, why she chose to call us, how she was funneled to me — we don’t know. The only explanation was God’s grace, His sovereignty, and the Holy Spirit’s direction. She called and was crying out for help. She lived in another state, literally across the country from where our ministry, the American Family Association, is located.

What could we do?

Well, in considering this situation, many people in our country do not realize that it is against the law for anyone — a parent, a guardian, a boyfriend, or even a husband — to try to force or coerce an abortion. If an expecting mother — whether she is 14 years old or 34 years old — wants to have her baby, it is against the law for anyone to try to force or coerce her to abort that baby. The law is clearly on the mother’s side, no matter how young she might be!

We immediately emailed Shay a copy of the “Dear Parent” letter that same day. We had her cell phone number, and the following day, after not hearing from her right away, we called her. Shay answered her phone and said she was AT the abortion clinic at that very moment. Her mother had taken her there.

I thought to myself, “Why didn’t you show your mother the letter BEFORE you went to the clinic?” But I did not share my thoughts with Shay. Instead I encouraged her that she still had time to show her mother the letter, then we ended our conversation.

Later in the day, Shay called us back. I listened to her share the story of how her day went. “We didn’t get an abortion,” she said. “I showed Mom and the people at the abortion clinic the letter. The clinic workers let us know that they could not do the abortion. Mom was not happy, but the abortion did not happen.”

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!

Shay went on to say, “They did do an ultrasound on me. We found out that I am carrying twins.”

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!

The Holy Spirit used this simple letter, the “Dear Parent” letter, that day to save not one, but two babies.

I would encourage every reader to do this and to do it today: Go to and get a copy of the “Dear Parent” letter. Then read it. Then read it again. Then pray and ask the Lord whom you should send — by email or hard copy — this letter to.

Many people — parents, pastors, youth pastors, high school principals, high school counselors — just don’t know this is the law. It is also true that many pregnancy center employees, sidewalk counselors, and the like do not know this is the law. Finally, even many persons in law enforcement — police and otherwise — do not know the law in this matter.

I would encourage you to prayerfully email and/ or send at least a dozen copies of this letter to people you know who are in places of influence, such as some I have mentioned. If you do this, the Lord will use you to save the lives of babies — maybe many babies.

Would you consider doing this? I hope you will.