Young, restless, and woke: A new breed of theologians

Posted: Wednesday, April 17, 2019 | Edwin Ramirez | Pop Culture

A new breed of theologians is taking the evangelical Church by storm. These theologians are unlike the ones in times past who were known for their unwavering commitment to the Word of God. These theologians are in step with the times and culturally relevant. They are experts on topics like sociology, western history, and racism in the Church. They have a certain chip on their shoulders that seems to give them a license to say whatever they want in whatever tone they deem fitting as long as the occasional “beloved” is thrown at the end of their sentences. 

This new breed of theologians is young, restless, and woke. They would rather point to the ills of slavery in times past than to have a theological discussion on weighty doctrines. To them, doctrines like election and justification by faith alone are great, but demonstrated by their emphasis, those historic doctrines are secondary compared to weightier matters, such as fighting against the evils of whiteness. 

One of these rising superstars in the woke community is Ekemini Uwan. In a recent testimonial interview at the Sparrow Conference 2019, she did what most young, restless, and woke theologians love to do -- that is create division around to the topic of race and ethnicity. 

Full interview here 

In a room filled with people who paid to have their souls edified, Uwan wasted no time expressing how she felt about the problem of whiteness in our culture.

Uwan said the following: 

“…when we talk about white identity, then we have to talk about what whiteness is. Well, the reality is that whiteness is rooted in plunder, in theft, in slavery, in enslavement of Africans, genocide of Native Americans. We are sitting on stolen land. If you are in America, we are sitting on stolen land everywhere in America. This is the reality of land that was stolen from Native Americans, and we have to recognize and acknowledge that. It’s a power structure -- that is what whiteness is. And so the thing for white women to do is you have to divest from whiteness, because what happened was that your ancestors actually made a deliberate choice to rid themselves of their ethnic identity, and by doing so, they actually stripped Africans in America of their ethnic identity.”

As if those words weren’t bad enough, Uwan went on to graciously offer white people a solution to the problem of their whiteness:

“…whiteness is wicked. It is wicked. It’s rooted in violence. It’s rooted in theft. It’s rooted in plunder. It’s rooted in power, in privilege (which we just saw two weeks ago with the college scandal  – I have receipts here) so that the goal for our white sisters is to rediscover your ethnic heritage. So I am not pulling something away from you without telling you to replace it. The goal for you all is to recover what your ancestors deliberately discarded –- so that means return to whatever that ethnic identity is. Are you Italian? Are you Irish? Are you Polish? Are you Turkish? Whatever that was -- you have to do that work to find out what that is -- pull into that; learn what that cultural heritage is. Celebrate that. It’s going to be work on your part, but that IS the work.

"The work is to divest from whiteness, and the work is also for people of color to divest from whiteness, too. We do that by not centering whiteness, trying to actually begin to imagine a world where your whole identity is not bound to oppression, which I think is hard to imagine because we live in a white supremacist nation. It takes a lot of work, and you have to do a lot of unlearning. And I think what is sometimes so revolutionary, or at least one thing that might be revolutionary, about 'Truth’s Table,' myself, Michelle, and Christina is that we do not center whiteness. You will not hear an episode about white guilt. We will never do an episode on white privilege. We center the concerns and the needs of black women, and we in some ways are trying to dream up what black futures might look like apart from oppression. In some ways, I think that’s a glimpse of what the new heavens and new earth might look like. What would it mean to live in a society that is peaceful, to live in a place where we are not subjugated? So those are some of the things I’m thinking about.”

Rather than say what the Bible says -- that everyone born in Adam is a sinner at birth and needs to repent of his/her own sin and look to Christ by faith alone -- Ekemini Uwan and other woke theologians would have us to believe that white people need to repent for their sin, namely whiteness. 

If reading those statements made you cringe, then you’re safe; you haven’t been bitten by the woke zombies of our day (at least not yet). While pastors and theologians of the past would shepherd the people of God by the Word of God, looking at passages like Romans 3:23 and Jeremiah 17:9 to explain the universal problem of mankind before a holy God, today’s woke theologians want their followers to believe that whiteness is the problem.  

Maybe you’re asking yourself why, after all these years of following Christ, your pastor and other leaders in the Church have never taught you the “profound truths” that Uwan and other woke theologians would have you to believe. And the answer is simple: These ideas are antithetical to the message of the Bible. 

Simply stated, these ideas are anti-Christ (against Christ). Nowhere in the Word of God are we told that whiteness is the problem. Nowhere in the gospels do we see our Lord teaching that whiteness is the problem. Likewise, none of the apostles taught that whiteness (or the color of a person’s skin) needed to be divested of. 

Make no mistake about it, people -- the problem in our world today is not whiteness. The problem in our day is with the sin of pastors and theologians posing to be Christian.

Write it down, folks. The Christian thought leaders of today (in the woke community) will reap what they sow in their progressive theologians of tomorrow. 

So what is the truth? What is the solution to the problem of sin in and outside the Church?  

  • The truth is all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God, not just white people. 
  • The truth is everyone born in Adam is an enemy of God and must be born from above, not just white people.

Therefore, everyone born in Adam must divest themselves not of the color of their skin, but of their wicked hearts. A failure to do so will result in receiving the payment of their own sin –- the wrath of God.

Moreover, this spiritual divesting of one’s sin is a supernatural work of God.

No one can just choose to rid themselves of their wicked hearts; they must be born again -- a work that only the Holy Spirit can do by virtue of regeneration. 

So rather than telling white people to divest themselves of their whiteness, we need to call Ekemini Uwan and any other person claiming to be a minister of the gospel to repentance for preaching a message that opposes the message found in the gospel.

Every person in Christ, as an ambassador of the Lord, is called to point men, women, and children to look to Christ and to repent of their own sin found in Adam, not their whiteness.  

If these ministers who pose to be gospel-centered continue to lead their followers away from the gospel, then they must be rejected at all cost. 

So which is it?

  • Did Jesus pay for the sins of the past or not?
  • Did Jesus do away with the dividing wall of hostility between Jew and Gentile or not?
  • In Christ, are Christians reconciled because of His finished work or not?

How you answer those questions determines whether you are woke or awakened. 

It’s time to wake up. 


This post first appeared here on Edwin Ramirez's blog site and was reprinted with permission.