Washington: We live in land of opportunity, not oppression

Posted: Friday, April 5, 2019 | Chad Groening, | Pop Culture

The results of a recent survey on race shouldn't be surprising, says a black conservative, considering the “media onslaught” claiming white oppression.

According to the General Social Survey, which has measured race issues since the 1970s, 52 percent of Americans say the country spends too little on improving the conditions of blacks, a jump from 30 percent who said so in 2014.

Just seven percent — an all-time low — say the country spends too much.

The survey implies that Americans now attribute black-white inequality to discrimination and a lack of educational access rather than lack of willpower or motivation, the survey found, and about three in 10 Americans think the government is obligated to make up for past racial discrimination.

Asked for her views on the survey, Stacy Washington, an American Family Radio and Urban Family talk show host, tells OneNewsNow the “non-stop media” has pushed the belief that black people are permanent victims, and no amount of effort and hard work matters.

“And anyone who succeeded in America,” she continues, “is an anomaly especially if they're a person of color.”

After President Trump touted black employment numbers during his State of the Union address, an NBC News “fact check” stated black unemployment did hit “record lows” in 2018 after falling since 2010.

“Last May,” the story stated, “it dropped to 5.9 percent, the lowest percentage ever recorded.”

Black unemployment is typically higher than whites and Hispanics, and during the Obama administration it peaked at a whopping 16.8 percent in 2010.  

A recent Morning Consult poll shows Trump with a 12 percent approval rating among backs, when eight percent of black voters chose him in 2014.

Washington attributes that increase to a good economy under Trump.

If that small bump turns into votes in 2020, it could help Trump in key states, she says. 

Recent poll numbers of U.S. Hispanics, meanwhile, are showing approval for Trump at 50 percent despite constant media attacks on his crackdown on illegal immigration and tightening U.S. border security.

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