Next 'blueprint' from Project 21: reduce our taxes

Posted: Thursday, June 7, 2018 | Chris Woodward, | Pop Culture

A network of conservative black leaders is continuing to unveil its "blueprint" to improve the lives of black Americans.

Leaders of Project 21, a part of the National Center for Public Policy Research, have been pushing ideas and platforms they say will help individuals save money and have a better quality of life, something that not only benefits black Americans but all Americans.

This week, Project 21 is urging a repeal of gas taxes as well as the so-called sin taxes on foods, beverages and tobacco products.

"We're talking about a significant financial impact on Americans who are at the bottom rungs of our economic ladder," says Project 21 co-chair Stacy Washington. 

"We don't want a tiered system where rich people pay and poor people don't," she continues. "The government should not be taxing these things. It doesn't serve a purpose. It doesn't help anyone in America to do these things and the government doesn't need the money."

Washington adds that many people have moved away from unhealthy foods, beverages and tobacco products because of better education about health and diet, not "sin" taxes.

Future blueprints will focus on:

•Stopping Wealth Transfer from the Poor to Non-Citizens
•Strengthening Faith-Based Communities
•Promoting Self-Determination
•Ending Excessive Regulation 

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