Facebook Live video on NFL protests goes viral

Posted: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 | Bishop E.W. Jackson | Pop Culture

Marine Corps veteran and former Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia released a video this week on the NFL protests. He encourages viewers, “Take a look at me. I am black. My great grandparents were slaves and sharecroppers in Orange County Virginia. I love my country. I am proud of my nation. I stand for the flag and the National Anthem. This is not a black thing. This is an anti-American thing.”

He says that President Trump did not create the division: “The division was created by Colin Kaepernick and those who follow him.” Jackson was particularly incensed that the Ravens and Jaguars, while in London, stood for the British Anthem, but not for America’s.

He also questioned the purpose of the protest. “If they are protesting police brutality, they are deeply misguided, because there is no widespread police brutality against black people. I am not saying that there are no incidents where police step outside their lawful authority, but Bureau of Justice statistics make clear there is no epidemic of police violence against black people. There is an epidemic of black-on-black crime and murder in the inner cities of our country, and that's the story these black athletes do not want to address, and that's the story the media do not want to tell.”

Jackson has asked STAND supporters and members to “vote with their eyeballs and dollars.” He says, “We will not endure professional football players spitting in our faces and in the faces of our veterans, active duty, wounded and fallen heroes, and that’s what disrespect of our flag and Anthem amounts to.”

Jackson also calls for Goodell to be fired: “He's botched this whole thing and botched every controversy the NFL has faced. It's time for him to go.”

The Facebook video can be seen here or viewed below. 

E.W Jackson is founder & President of S.T.A.N.D. []; a nationally syndicated radio host on American Family Radio & Urban Family Talk; Presiding Bishop of The Called Church; and was 2013 Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia. twitter@ewjacksonsr; facebook@ewjacksonsr