Hollywood, Harvey, and hypocrisy

Posted: Monday, October 16, 2017 | Ryan Bomberger | Pop Culture

Hollywood, the land of make-believe and Botox injections, loves to inject its “moral” authority into every social issue. But, like everything Tinseltown produces, it’s all duplicitous. They do give rousing performances, especially at their self-awarding ceremonies where they applaud their “courage” for groupthink. They love to lecture America on a host of their choice inequalities: income, racism, elitism, transgenderism, and feminism. From a demographic where many spend millions of dollars changing the biologically face they were given to a surgically altered one, is it any wonder they’re two-faced about all of these issues?

Film titan Harvey Weinstein, mega Democrat donor, is just the latest in Hollywood’s hypocrisy. Trump is evil. But Weinstein is…well; he’s just being Harvey. I don’t defend any of the sexist things of Trump’s past or present. I will never make excuses, but Hollywood’s faux outrage about sexism is exposed like J-lo in a red carpet dress. Where have all of those celebrity “nasty women” (watch Ashley Judd's painful definition here) been these past several decades? Ohhhhhh, wait; Hollywood is the land of tolerance. So, they were just following their creed, right? Be tolerant of everyone, especially media moguls who can make you a star.

Where’s the Women’s March Against Sleazy Hollywood Execs? Sure, it’s great that famous actresses are coming out now to denounce Weinstein’s vile behavior. Why does it take a 13-year-delayed New York Times exposé for them to be “bold”? Courage is speaking out when there’s no crowd with you. Courage is denouncing evil no matter the cost to your reputation or your career. Courage is stopping those like Weinstein immediately so there is no decades-long trail of harm.

Did no one think that Weinstein’s reprobate behavior was a problem when Harvey and Bob Weinstein released the NC-17 child-porn flick, Kids? Hollywood has a sexual appetite that never seems to be satiated.

Former President Bill Clinton, a Hollywood favorite and faux feminist hero, never had a march dedicated to denouncing his sexist predatory behavior. In fact, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards dismissed the notion that Hillary Clinton’s defense of her husband’s inexcusable adulterous behavior was an issue at all in the latest Presidential elections.

“Absolutely not. This is not an issue on anyone’s mind…and it’s not what the American voters want to hear about,” proclaimed Cecile Richards. Funny. That wasn’t her spiel at the anti-male, anti-Trump, anti-science, pro-Islam, pro-abortion, pro-prostitution Women’s March last January.

After being told that Bill Clinton’s victims claimed that he had “either exposed himself to them, raped them, or groped them,” pro-abortion Joy Behar provided a candid and honest faux feminist response. She said, “He is a dog. Let’s face it. But I will still vote for Bill Clinton because he votes in my favor.

Earlier this year, Whoopi went on a rampage defending Planned Parenthood: “If I’m a low-income person that has been raped, you don’t have the right to tell me if I should have an abortion!” Well, Whoopi…that depends on whether it’s rape-rape or not, right?

An entertainment industry that profits from the graphic portrayal of violence demands the end of violence against women yet can’t seem to recognize actual violence against women. The irony is script-worthy—not that Hollywood would dare to honestly take on the abortion industry—the ultimate affront to true feminism. Planned Parenthood is their cause célèbre that can do no wrong, no matter what.

True misogyny is repulsive. There should be no place for it in a civil society, no matter which form it takes. Whether it’s a Hollywood executive, a politician, a teacher, a pastor, a rabbi, a journalist, or the next-door neighbor—demeaning women and denying all that makes them beautifully and biologically different is wrong. Yet, it is celebrated every day in our television shows, our movies, our music, our politics, and in the indefensible defense of an abortion industry that kills nearly half a million girls every year.

Courage is hard to find in Hollywood. Pro-life Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond, The Middle) is such a rarity, calling out Planned Parenthood for selling aborted babies’ body parts. She didn’t have a New York Times article leading the way. She didn’t have throngs of fellow celebrities echoing outrage about the inhumanity. She has moral convictions about the dignity of every human life, and she chooses to be fearless in defending women and their unborn children--even if it means she’s alone among celebrities.

There are Harvey Weinsteins all around us. And there are enablers and apologizers like his (now-former) attorney Lisa Bloom (daughter of faux-feminist, opportunist and attorney Gloria Allred) who will make all kinds of excuses for reprehensible behavior. How we defend human dignity, especially those who are in vulnerable situations, shows our true humanity. I’m tired of being preached to by the elitist congregation of the Church of Perpetual Contradictions. Sorry, Hollywood. Clean up your own mansions before you pump your faux indignation into our houses.


Ryan BombergerRyan Bomberger

Ryan Bomberger has a rather unique perspective on the nature of Purpose. Adopted into a large multi-racial family of 15, he grew up in a Christian home that exuded compassion. Today he’s an adoptee and adoptive father. As an Emmy® Award-winning creative professional he is passionate about igniting, in people’s hearts and minds, an awareness and a love of the intrinsic value we all possess. Ryan and his wife, Bethany, created The Radiance Foundation in 2009 as a life-affirming educational organization. Through creative ad campaigns, powerful live multimedia presentations and compassionate community outreach, Radiance illuminates the God-given Purpose within each of us. Praised by leaders across the country, Radiance’s original and thought-provoking work has generated massive media coverage from the NY Times, USA Today, ABC WorldNews, NPR, AP, MSNBC, LA Times, CNN, JET, Charisma, and from many in the blogosphere. His pro-life/pro-adoption campaigns have caused The Radiance Foundation, unsurprisingly, to be denounced by the ACLU, the NAACP, and Planned Parenthood.


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