Patriotism vs. political correctness

Posted: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 | E.W. Jackson | Pop Culture

When the left starts appealing to Christian compassion, you know they are desperate, and it is worth taking note.

Some Americans are making the dangerous mistake of applying biblical principles of personal morality to matters of national security. They are claiming that those who wish to carefully vet refugees coming from terror-wracked nations are being unchristian. Ironically, the accusers tend to be the very people who want to banish Christianity from every aspect of American culture. 

You cannot apply the personal ethic of turning the other cheek to national security any more than you can to the security of your spouse or child. Would you say to a loved one under attack, "Turn the other cheek so that you may be attacked again"? No. It is your moral duty to protect and defend your loved ones. The President of the United States has a moral duty to protect and defend the citizens of our country. 

Help me get that word out to churches and pastors who have been put on the defense with the accusations that they lack compassion.

If terrorists bomb a city, the appropriate moral response is to wage war against the perpetrators until they are captured or killed and their will to attack us is broken.

How we respond to today's refugees from terrorist stronghold nations is more than a matter of personal moral choice. Our decisions affect innocent Americans -- wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, and children. We have learned that it takes only one terrorist to kill, maim, and destroy. Acknowledging this reality is neither "Islamophobic" nor bigoted. It is doing our Christian duty to protect innocent Americans from those who wish to kill us.

Instead of vilifying the president and smearing Christians, the left needs to work toward compassionate solutions that also keep our citizens safe. That's what we will be doing.

STAND is dedicated to awakening all Americans to the importance of our Judeo-Christian values, the Constitution, and the great legacy of freedom bequeathed by our Founding Fathers. Christianity is indeed compassionate, but to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, "It is not a suicide pact." 

The need to vet refugees is not born of any hatred of Muslims, but of love of America and Americans. Help us continue to STAND up for America and the vision of "one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all." The American people are the most compassionate in the world. We will undoubtedly help those who are victims of genocide in the failed states of the Middle-East, many of whom are Christians, not Muslims. We will do so with great care and thought so as not to endanger our own families.

Compassion doesn't mean bringing everyone to America. Sometimes differences in culture and perspective dictate it would be better for all concerned to help them in their own countries rather than bring them here.

Help us defend President Trump's common-sense refugee policy. We want to equip pastors, churches, and supporters around the world to answer the bigots who want to accuse Christians. 

We are going to protect and defend our Constitution and our republic against all enemies foreign and domestic. We are not going to allow America to become Europe. We are going to maintain our constitutional republic. Thank you for your patriotism and generosity. 

God bless you and may he always bless the United States of America.