Men or mice

Posted: Tuesday, September 6, 2016 | Alphonso Ashworth | Pop Culture

Sometimes the mouse gets the cheese. Other times the trap catches the mouse.

This concept has been expressed in various forms -- poems, plays, and novels. But it has probably never been illustrated better than in today's generation of men and women.

A mouse is a gnawing rodent, a small, furry mammal whose teeth never stop growing. The rodent species, including mice, rats, squirrels, beavers, and many more, relies on other species for food. It is generally considered an insult to call someone a "rat," as it implies they eat from garbage and are vile and disgusting creatures.

But if the fur fits, wear it.

Many men and women today act and live as if they are rodents. They gnaw and complain while living on the milk and honey provided by the greatest nation in the history of the world. The NFL’s Colin Kaepernick is the latest poster child for this new generation of festering misfits and malcontents. He, like so many in this culture, treats America as though it is a garbage dump, but their views and opinions fly in the face of facts.

Take for instance Colin's rant after he refused to stand for the national anthem. Does he have the right of refusal? Of course he does; it is his constitutional right. But was it disrespectful to the men and women who have fought, and in many cases died, for his right to be wrong? Absolutely!

And here's why: Kaepernick’s reason for remaining seated is based on a false narrative that some lives are more important than others. Would he stand or sit for the millions aborted in the womb and are never given a chance to choose this God-given privilege? Would he stand between the gang members who commit heinous acts of black-on-black crime in drug-infested, run-down neighborhoods?

Did you know rodents will commit mass suicide if their population exceeds their food supply?

If Colin and those who agree with him would stop and do a smidgen of research, they would learn that the "Star Spangled Banner," as conceived by poet Francis Scott Key, has nothing to do with enslaving people and everything to do with embracing true freedom.

In other words, if you are obstructed in living your life as you choose, then you are a slave.

America has her warts; name me a country that doesn't. The scars left from chattel slavery run deep, manifesting in the brokenness evident in the lives of many whose ancestors suffered during such oppression. But oppression and slavery did not start on the shores of America. The colonials, under their own oppression, fought a revolution. Men, not mice, whipped King George and won their right to live free of tyranny.

America also has enduring qualities not found in the annals of history. Americans are the only people who fought a civil war, arming brother against brother to free its slaves. They maximized the free market capitalist concept, which has provided individuals like Colin Kaepernick a lifestyle King Solomon would envy -- multi-million dollar contracts and mansions unlike what the world has never seen, occupied with people who in some cases barely survived a public education. They have obtained this not because they discovered a cure for cancer or developed a new and better way to feed starving people; they have obtained it because of their ability to throw, catch, or hit a ball.

Mice should have it so good.