After further review ...

Posted: Monday, October 3, 2016 | Alphonso Ashworth | Pop Culture

Every sports fan is familiar with this phrase. With modern technology – high-speed video cameras, high-definition jumbo trons, and lightning-fast fiber optics – every pitch, pass, and catch can be zoomed, analyzed, and discussed to the enth degree. God’s most advanced creation – mankind – gets overruled by a machine, which ironically was conceived by mankind.

Apply this conundrum to a nation of so-called highly educated, sophisticated people who have become slothful, second-guessing, Monday morning armchair quarterbacks They are more like robots – programmed to be reactive rather than proactive. Consider for instance their lack of input during this year’s political cycle. Each candidate’s words or phrases, from a title to a tweet, passes through one news filter … then another and another. No wonder these robots have trouble keeping pace with the chaos we call the electoral process.

Mendacity – lies and liars are reported as mistakes or miscues. Writers feverishly rewrite what was said, and the “newspeak” becomes a “walk-back.” Unfortunately, the outcome is no longer left for the people to determine; they have been programmed to wait for further instructions. Meanwhile, the talking heads and pundits grovel over instant replays, going back and forth as if they are watching Venus Williams at the U.S. Open. Is it a sport, or is it an election? It is hard to decipher.

After further review, is America’s middle class in decline? Are our better days vanishing in the rear-view mirror as we speed toward an uncertain future? Look very close, beloved; the evidence is overwhelming. Businesses, large and small, are being forced to cut back or close for good because of overreaching government regulations like the Affordable Care Act. Instead of producing jobs, pre-programmed robots bang their heads against the doors of bathroom bills for transgenders. “Gay marriage” is given priority over better education for all students. High crime rates stifle growth in urban communities. People have waited in despair for 50+ years for the government to rebuild and restore their Camelot. Instead of waiting for someone else to enter a replay booth, the people should go into the voting booth and review the gross negligence that has been perpetrated against them.

And after further review, the people should throw a red, white, and blue penalty flag at the feet of the offenders. The penalty? That will be up to the people … not a camera.