Thank you, veterans

Posted: Friday, November 11, 2016 | Bishop E.W. Jackson | Pop Culture

On this Veterans Day, we can breathe a sigh of relief. The long national nightmare is over. No longer will our active duty military find the government unwilling to meet their needs. God forbid, but if ever again there is a Nidal Hassan type attack on a domestic base, our wounded men and women will not be denied combat benefits. Never again will they be given pink slips while on the foreign battlefield. Never again will they be given rules of engagement that serve political correctness instead of the military mission. Never again will a Marine be called upon to hold an umbrella over the President's head as if he were a butler.

Never again will veterans be left to die by an unresponsive Veterans Administration. Never again will relatives and friends of the sick and wounded be told not to bring a Bible or mention God. No more will chaplains be told to violate their faith to accommodate the new progressive sexual morality that has so damaged military morale.

Never again will our people under attack on a foreign field like Benghazi be left to die while our civilian leaders sleep peacefully in their beds and our troops are denied the ability to respond to the emergency. Never again will hard-fought gains at the cost of so many lives be squandered, forcing us to fight the same battle all over again.

No longer will our military forces be the laboratory for gender-bending experiments. They can now be trained to fight our battles and complete the missions they are given. Instead of spending precious tax dollars on gender change surgery, we can spend it on better pay, better benefits and medical care for those who are physically and mentally wounded in battle. Our military will be rebuilt. Our troops and veterans will be cared for, and we will have a Commander-in-Chief who loves and respects those who fight and die for us.

We ask our armed forces to leave their families, live under the most difficult conditions, fight, bleed, and die for the preservation our liberty. They deserve our gratitude, respect, and care for such great sacrifice. After eight long years of being mere pawns in a political game, they will finally get the honor they deserve. God bless each and every one of you who has served and those who are now serving, and may God bless this great Constitutional Republic for which so many have given their last full measure of devotion.


For God and Country,

Bishop E.W. Jackson