The black urban community: America’s canary in the mine shaft

Posted: Saturday, July 9, 2016 | Lonnie Poindexter | Pop Culture

On the 4h of July, I was invited to speak at a prayer rally sponsored by the United Saints of America, a pro-traditional values and pro-Second Amendment organization backed by Pastor Sylvester Bland, on the mall of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Here is a transcript of my speech:

My name is Lonnie Poindexter. I host a national radio show in our nation’s capital. The show is called “Lion Chasers with Lonnie Poindexter.” The name is based on I Chronicles 11:22.

“Benaiah one of David's mighty men who went down into a pit and slayed a lion on a snowy day.”

We champion uncommon men and women of faith who are not afraid to speak truth and speak that truth to power.

The focus of our show is the intersection of faith and public policy. Our mantra is “there is no separation between morality and governance.”

Our target demographic is black urban communities across America that have been bombarded with 50-plus years of liberal policies that have decimated the community so much so that today, 70-plus percent of black urban households are single parent, typically female head of household.

In short, we take a biblical worldview to a community that historically has always shared these values, except when going into the voting booth, where they cast ballots that are contrary to those values.

America is in crisis. Our families are under attack. The black urban family in particular is in crisis mode, with abortion disproportionately represented in our community, with over 1,800 black babies aborted daily nationally. The total number to date is nearly 20 million babies since Roe v. Wade in 1973.

Some sobering statistics:

  • Well over 70 percent of abortion clinics are located in urban communities, funded with your and my tax dollars to the tune of half a billion dollars per year.
  • 70 percent-plus of black families in urban America today are single parent.
  • 70 percent of black urban families prior to the Great Society Entitlement Programs (welfare) implemented by President Lyndon Baine Johnson in 1964 were two parent, typically male head of household.

Abortion has done to the black family and community what Jim Crow and slavery could not. For the first time in history, the black population is in depopulation.

According to Rev. Walter B. Hoye, a subject matter expert on abortion and founder and president of the Issues 4Life Foundation, the black population in America has been cut nearly in half because of abortion. Here is a quote from Rev. Hoye from a recent article in Life News:

“Our best estimates, based on a projection of the most recent data through the current period, is that the current cumulative number of abortions from 1967 through June of this year is 59.4 million, of which an estimated 20,350,000 are black American abortions.

“Considering that the total current black American population is about 42 million, the 20,350,000 black American abortions are equal to 48.45 percent of the total black American population. If not for abortion, the total black American population would be approximately 62,350,000, or 48 percent greater than it is today.”

So blacks as an ethnicity have been cut nearly in half in 40-plus years, and our families are nearly decimated, with fatherhood aborted and no fathers in the home.

I want to share a story: There was a herd of elephants at a game preserve in Africa that had a problem. They were finding elephants maimed and injured in the preserve. In fact, they were finding other animals injured as well, and some even were found dead. What they discovered was the juvenile males were attacking other elephants in the herd. And they found that those juvenile males had actually killed some of the rhinos on the preserve.

They inquired with a recently retired game warden as to what could be done. The retired warden asked where Buck was. (Buck was the dominant male in the preserve.) They responded they had retired Buck and sent him to another preserve.

Well, the old warden said, “You go and get Buck and put him back into the herd.” They protested, because they said Buck was too old and no longer needed, but the old warden again said, “Trust me. Just get Buck and return him to the herd.”

They did as he suggested and the result was peace in the herd and, by default, in the preserve.

My point in sharing this story and these statics is this: Traditional roles and mores in society are under attack in America. When you attempt to redefine what God has ordained and His natural order, you in fact end up with chaos, just like what happened in that game preserve.

The black urban community and its plight is the canary in the mine shaft for the state of America. To quote Dr. Patrick Fagan of MARRI (the Marriage & Religious Research Institute) at Family Research Council when I inquired of his passion for what is taking place in urban America: “So goes the black community, so goes the rest of America.”

The social reengineering taking place so successfully in the black community is now being rolled out across America, attacking all that our great nation was, and is, and is yet to be. Revisionist history writing as to our origins has infected our foundational systems, including education, governance, commerce, entertainment, our military, even our religious institutions. 

We all have a vested interest in pushing back on this evil agenda that is permeating America. When the common sense, God-loving populace of America stands up and activates its moral authority, we can return our nation to a moral free and society.

Five points have been identified by those of us here today who stand for and fight the good fight of faith, drawing our line in the sand with the sword of truth. And we profess that truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God.

  1. STOP! the 60 million murderous acts of Planned Parenthood and its minions in the liberal progressive agenda.

  2. STOP! the radicalized factions of Islam with its hate, murder, and terrorisms. And for God’s sake, call the duck of radical Islamic terrorism a duck, since it walks and quacks like one.

  3. STOP! the perversions or moral relativity, which I call the false doctrine of tolerance and inclusion, which attempts to redefine our cultural mores built on a Judeo-Christian ethic from the inception of this great nation.

  4. STOP! the liberal/progressive religious “left” who wallows in political correctness and defangs the tenets of the original faith, substituting that faith with lust of the flesh, lust for power and greed.

  5. Remind the religious “right” of its charter to stand for truth and maintain a biblical standard of moral clarity in the midst of this epic battle.

My final point: My brethren are those who share my values and my biblical worldview. Let us as brothers and sisters in Christ of all ethnicity and citizens of this great nation all celebrate our nation’s birthday by unifying in prayer and then doing what Christ has commanded us to do: Occupy and take dominion until his triumphant return.