Bishop E.W. Jackson shows support for Dallas police officers

Posted: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 | Bishop E.W. Jackson | Pop Culture

August 23, Bishop E.W. Jackson visited the Dallas Police Headquarters to deliver Police Prayer Cards for the 3,400 police officers of the Dallas Police Department. Funds for the Police Prayer Cards were raised by “Stand With Law Enforcement,” a campaign designed to combat the threats and attacks against police officers. The cards contain a positive message and express support for police officers. 

Bishop Jackson also welcomed Dallas Police Sergeant Demetrick Pennie as a guest on the National Emergency Coalition Conference Call to discuss the aftermath of the Dallas shooting and Stand With Law Enforcement. Sgt. Pennie was also present when the cards are presented to the Dallas Police Department.

STAND With Law Enforcement was born out of the events following the Dallas shooting, when it became apparent that law enforcement officers were actually being targeted for violent attack. Some leaders in the black community have created what Jackson calls "the false narrative" that police are hunting down black men and engaging in massive police brutality. "We are reaping the harvest of that lie," says Bishop Jackson, "and police are being attacked while the spike in inner-city violence and black-on-black murders is ignored by the media."

Jackson says the public -- particularly the black community -- should not rush to judgment, but wait for the facts whenever there is a police incident. "Most law enforcement officers are honorable people doing a very difficult job for low pay and little thanks," says Jackson. "We should pray for law enforcement instead of persecuting them. We should honor them instead of harassing them.  And yes, we should hold wrongdoers accountable, but let's heal our country instead of tearing it apart."

Jackson also points to the deeper issue at hand with civil unrest against our law enforcement officers. “Stoking this hysteria against cops is reckless and destructive. Those living in poor neighborhoods are most in need of help from police. Turning cops into the enemy will only embolden criminals and make law-abiding residents less safe. We must STAND With Law Enforcement."

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