Here's why most Christian conservatives don’t care about the Stormy Daniels angle

Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 | Kathy Barnette | Politics

With the heavy-handed raid and seizure of privileged communications between Trump and his lawyer, Michael Cohen, it appears the salacious details concerning the $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniel may be orbiting the Mueller investigation.  If so, it demonstrates a significant pivot in the investigation of whether there was Russian interference in 2016 elections.  It also forces me to ask if I really care to know about allegedly nefarious dealings between two consenting adults.  And do I want to foot the bill for a special investigation that has gone off track?

In short, I don’t.  And I don’t believe I’m alone. 

First, it was Stormy Daniels alleging a consensual affair with the President.  Within hours of each other, two more women stepped out to shadow the American conscience with tawdry claims of alleged relationships.  What is more, the left seems surprised by the lack of moral outcry from the conservative right, specifically Christians.  Demanding Christians defend their continued support of President Trump amid these allegations made by adult-film and reality TV stars. 

As an overt Christian, I had to consider why it is that I simply don’t care about these and other salacious claims hurled at our President.  And upon consideration, it does not surprise me that most Trump supporters feel as I do.  We just don’t care.    

And here’s why:

First, if these allegations are true, we realize that they did not happen yesterday.  Mrs. Daniels’ claims are more than ten years old.  It is not selective relativism that we suffer from, in this instance.  It’s that we, as Christians, realize that we have all fallen short of the glory of God.  We are all sinners, saved by the unearned forgiveness of Jesus Christ.  Who among us is without sin?  Who is without fault?  Who can cast the first stone? 

Our support of this President is not blind and it is not without expectations.  Yes, it would matter a great deal if we found out that since the election, President Trump has been engaged in any such shenanigans. Without question, such an allegation would send shockwaves through our moral sense of right and wrong.  But that is not the case here.

Those who voted for President Trump knew full well we were not electing our local choir boy.  His past life, multiple marriages, and seemingly braggadocious style was on full display. And until this recent election, the left seemed to embrace him and his life choices.  Nevertheless, without a stained “blue dress” confession, we just don’t care.

Second, the culture, and especially Trump supporters, have become anesthetized to the continuous clatter on the left.  They have proven there is no low too low for them to go in an attempt to find anything that discredits this presidency, no matter how outrageously shameful it may be. 

Conservatives have grown cold to the left’s tabloid-like coverage of this President.  From the weaponizing of the #MeToo Movement, to the salacious and unverified Dossier, to the dragging out of the Russia collusion narrative, to finding an act of racism on the part of this President at every single turn, to the left literally howling at the moon in defiance, has caused us to become numb. 

Lastly, it is important to note what we do care about – namely, the policies and strong leadership President Trump has shown.  On every measurement that matters, this President is hitting homerun after homerun. 

Policies:  President Trump has had a positive impact on the minority community – jobless rate hitting historic lows and the spread between black and white unemployment, measured as the black rate minus the white race, has fallen to record lows.  Coupled with winning tax cuts, manufacturing jobs coming back, stagnant wages lifting, a booming stock market and widespread deregulation has all proven to be a huge boom for every American.

Policies:  The backlog of veterans waiting more than 125 days to get a decision on their disability benefits has fallen significantly.  The G.I. Bill has become the “Forever G.I. Bill,” removing the time restrictions on when a veteran can pursue their education.  And now, it is possible to “drain” the VA of employees who are poor performers.  This makes an indelible mark on the over 20 million veterans.  Among whom, tragically, an average of 22 commit suicide every day.

Policies:  President Trump’s actions on establishing strong border walls to making sure we have strong immigration policies that are enforced all go hand-in-hand in making America safe, strong, healthy, and prosperous again.  Getting us out of the economically crippling Paris Agreement to reevaluating the lopsided Iran Deal are all examples of what we, Christian conservatives, care about.

Last year, at the Korean National Assembly, President Trump was introduced as the President of the world.  Not the President of the United States.  Not the President of the free world.  But, he was introduced as the President of the world. Only Democrats and despot regimes have a problem with the policies of this President.  The rest of the international community is taking a collective sigh of relief to finally having a leader who says what he means and means what he says.

Unbeknownst to the Left, many Americans can walk and chew gum at the same time.  We can both think critically and have a strong sense of what is right and wrong.  There is no need to have one at the expense of the other.  We recognize we did not elect Jesus Christ into office.  As such, we are not looking for a perfect man.  We are looking for someone who actually loves this country and will put her first above all others.  We aptly recognize that President Trump is what many of us call a reprieve from past failed leadership.  But if we must foot the bill for a Special Investigator, at least stick to the point of the special investigation. 

Kathy Barnette
As seen on Fox & Friends / Adjunct Professor / Radio Personality