The pseudo civil rights movement -- a historic success

Posted: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 | Wilbert Addison, Jr. | Politics

American history is replete with great movements that have played a major part in making it one of the greatest nations to ever exist. These movements have consisted of brave, principled men and women enduring persecution, mocking, and even death for what they deemed to be worth it all.

In the 1960s was the Civil Rights Movement, where blacks in America sought to receive equal rights and be recognized as equal human beings. Despite the fact that many blacks contributed to building this country, died in war for it, and gave their inventive minds to its betterment, blacks at the time did not enjoy a number of rights, and it was because of the immutable quality of their darker skin.

America had not recognized the worth and value of the black American, and the Civil Rights Movement of the '60s sought to correct that. This country would come face-to-face with its demons of partiality and would be called upon to be accountable to its Constitution's confession that all men are created equal. This was definitely a fight worth waging, and as I sit here writing this, working alongside individuals I know I would not have the privilege of working with if this were another era, I thank God for those who fought, bled, and died for the rights I enjoy today.

But unfortunately, every real movement risks being trailed by pseudo movements that may aim to hijack and exploit the heart of the real undertaking. In the case of civil rights, a well-crafted pseudo movement has been forming for years, its members biding time while planning to move in on the affections of an exploited people for their own deviant and destructive gain.

In our days, the homosexual, transgender movement has played on the sentiment of black victimization and a historical sleight of hand to where now the protected and endeared Civil Rights Movement has shifted to favor the LGBTQ agenda. The sad part about this is "leadership" in the black community remained silent when they should have stood against this, crying aloud and sparing not, shouting that blackness is NOT equivalent to homosexuality. Instead, the latter has successfully embraced a common victimhood and has tricked onlookers into seeing sexual deviancy as being just as immutable as the color of one's skin.

Leadership in the black church was silent as well, putting a muzzle on its own mouth by not confronting the homosexuality rampant in its on congregation. You know homosexuals make the best musicians, right? We need that music to be on point, or people may not come to church. What we tolerate is what increases, and now we have so-called churches claiming to be pastored by homosexual ministers.

Black leadership began this failure when it submitted to the spirit of idolatry and embraced a spirit of dumbness at the election of our first black president, Barack Hussein Obama. The collective cry from black ministers throughout the country should have been, "Not this one! We are thankful to finally see the nation in position to elect a black president, but not this one!"

Now let's move forward to Obama's presidency. One of his first acts upon entering office was to declare June LGBT Pride Month, and he later lit up the White House in rainbow colors in celebration of the institution of homosexual "marriage." After eight years of his leadership, the black community is no better off. The homosexuals' pseudo civil rights movement, however, has advanced light-years. This is exactly what idolatry gets us.

Now that we are out of the Obama administration, the floodgates of deviancy remain wide open. In Minneapolis just yesterday, on November 7, 2017, Andrea Jenkins won 73 percent of the vote against three opponents to become the first black openly transgender woman (a man who claims to be a woman) elected to political office.

Remember that whatever we tolerate will increase.

In Virginia, Danica Roem became the first openly transgender woman (a biological man) elected to state legislature. In Pennsylvania, Tyler Titus won a position on the Erie School Board as a transgender man (a biological woman). Phillipe Cunningham, a transgender man (a biological woman), and Jillia Pessenda, a cisgender lesbian, are also running for council seats in Minneapolis.

It seems this pseudo civil rights movement has gained a lot of ground by using the sentiment and the emotional blueprint of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. I partially blame black America's so-called leaders for allowing this to happen. It's appalling and disgraceful for sexual deviancy to be considered the same as being black. I also blame the black church for its participation in idolatry, turning a blind eye to clear sin just because of the skin color of the one committing and promoting sin.

We will look back in the great history of this country, the United States of America, and mark the escalation of its immorality to the eight-year span where an effective and valid movement was successfully hijacked and used as the vehicle for a deprave pseudo movement. 

While the black community often desires that the white community repent of the sins of the past, I believe we in the black community have some repenting to do as well -- for not being the moral compass we should've been for this nation, and for allowing ourselves to be so swept away in idolatry that we've become complicit partakers in one of America's greatest sins.

Even so, I’m filled with hope that we, His people called by His name, can humble ourselves and repent, turn from our wicked ways, and be confident that He will hear from heaven and heal our land.