Virginia Democrats sink to new low in the politics of race

Posted: Monday, November 6, 2017 | Bishop E.W. Jackson | Politics

In spite of its overuse, the charge of racism is still a highly potent political weapon of the Left. It’s a smear on a political opponents that is difficult to shed. We should refuse to jump to the conclusion that race is behind every political disagreement and policy debate. Yet, that is what the Democrat Party would have us all do.

There is apparently no depth to which they will not stoop in playing the politics of race. Perhaps the worst example arose last week when the Democrats’ Latino Victory Fund released a video ad against Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie. As unbelievable as it sounds, the ad actually depicted Gillespie’s supporters as a child predators hunting minority children.

In the video, a shadowy man in dark clothing, a baseball cap and a black pick-up truck, flying an oversized Confederate flag, stalks a group of black, Latino and Muslim children. They run frantically to escape, and as the truck gets closer, the camera zooms in on the Gillespie sticker on the back bumper. Then it shows the viewer a “Don’t Tread on Me” plate on the front of the truck, the symbol of the Tea Party.

The frightened children are backed up against a fence with the truck driver closing in for the kill, when a child awakes from the nightmare. The voiceover says: “Is this what Ed Gillespie and Donald Trump mean by the American Dream?” The screen then says: “Reject Hate.”

This group actually depicted Gillespie and by extension the entire Republican ticket, the Tea Party and anyone who wants to preserve American History (particularly the dark period of the Confederacy and the Civil War) not only as racists, but as people who want to kill minority children. What does it say about the hearts of the people who produced that ad? They are the ones who need to “reject hate” because they are clearly full of it.

After an unexpectedly strong backlash, the ad was withdrawn. Far from having the desired effect, it has motivated the base of the Republican Party and stirred

its less engaged adherents who took the ad as a personal attack against themselves.

Every election season, Democrats use the accusation of racism to scare black voters and other minorities to vote for their candidates. In this case, their intended beneficiary is Ralph Northam, who is running for governor. However, when it comes to the issue of racism, he hardly has clean hands.

Like most liberals, he portrays himself as some kind of savior for the black community. His ads frequently show “Dr. Northam” treating black children. However, they fail to mention that this “doctor” is a radical proponent of abortion, which disproportionally destroys unborn black children.

There is more. In 2013, I was the GOP nominee for Virginia Lt. Governor running against Ralph. After we debated on a local TV station, I reached out to shake his hand and he refused. Mistakenly thinking that he did not see my extended hand, I tapped his arm to get his attention, but he would not so much as look at me. He was determined not to shake hands with a black man. You can view it on YouTube, and decide for yourself.

The media ignored it. We all know that if a white conservative had refused to shake the hand of a black liberal, it would have been front page news and that video would have been on a loop on every local station until the election ended. Unfortunately, most of the reporters and their managers are liberal Democrats, and unwilling to report stories that might hurt their preferred candidates.

Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel and John Adams -- candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General respectively -- are honorable people who care about all Virginians. The only person in this race who has shown undeniable evidence of racism is Ralph Northam. After refusing to shake my hand, even when it was pointed out to him, he never apologized or expressed regret. He wants to act like the savior of the black community, but he would not shake a black man’s hand. So much for the fake image of the racially sensitive, caring, southern gentleman doctor. To attack Ed Gillespie for the very thing that he is guilty of is astoundingly hypocritical.

I have shaken Ed Gillespie’s hand on many occasions. Maybe Ralph thinks that my skin color will rub off or that we all have tails. I am not sure what goes on in the

recesses of his discordant mind, but he should have denounced the ad immediately, just as he should have shaken my hand. Beneath the smiling image of southern gentility is a deceptive heart. The Commonwealth of Virginia deserves better. Black voters deserve better. We need a governor who will go to work solving our problems, not manipulating minorities to get and keep power.

I trust that voters of all ethnicities will see Northam for who he is and vote for a team that will serve all Virginians regardless of race.

E.W Jackson is a Republican Political analyst and was 2013 Republican nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia.