When the rule of law no longer applies equally

Posted: Monday, January 30, 2017 | Stacy Washington | Politics

A lot of criminals probably wish they knew U. S. Representative Paul Ryan (R-MI), as he apparently has the ability to negate laws for people who are “nice.”  That would be a wonderful “get out of jail free” card to have in your pocket, no?  Especially if the crime you’re accused of committing has to do with federal immigration law. Ryan has allied himself with the so-called “dreamers” -- children brought into the U.S. illegally by their parents, who possess no legal status here. During a recent CNN town hall, Ryan declared that an illegal alien named Angelica “would not be deported” because “we don’t want to break up families.” Rep. Ryan also said, “I can see that you are a nice person. That’s the way we feel. And that is what our incoming president has said we are going to do.”

So according to Ryan, we don’t punish criminals if they are nice or have families. Hogwash. Is illegally entering the United States a special class of crime that warrants the suspension of due process and prosecution? Perhaps it is to Ryan, but to law-abiding, tax-paying Americans, it is not.

Breaking up families

But isn’t that what “we” do every time a person is sentenced to prison for committing a crime? It’s never a consideration that a criminal might have a family if that criminal is already an American citizen. Is deporting illegal aliens breaking up families? Is it not an illegal alien’s choice to self deport their entire family? Should familial status suddenly be an enforcement issue for any criminal matter?

Enforcement of existing laws deters others from committing the same crime; likewise, suspension of enforcement encourages others to join in on the law breaking. And what an encouragement Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has been! According to the Federation for Federal Immigration Reform, “In Fiscal Year 2014, 68,541 unaccompanied minors were apprehended entering the U.S. In FY 2011, when President Obama still claimed he did not have the constitutional authority to grant blanket deferred action, just 15,949 unaccompanied minors were apprehended. In addition to the unaccompanied minors, the Border Patrol apprehended 68,445 people entering as part of family units in FY 2014 -- a 360 percent jump from the 14,835 in FY 2013.”

This surge in unaccompanied minors and other family units entering the U.S. because they believe the law permits them to has resulted in a spike in crime. According to Judicial Watch, “Of the 61,529 criminal cases initiated by federal prosecutors last fiscal year, more than 40 percent -- or 24,746 -- were filed in court districts neighboring the Mexican border.”

The Obama administration suspended enforcement of our border and immigration laws for law-breaking illegal aliens, but laws that applied to citizens of the United States were enforced without mercy. Think about it. Just tell the IRS that you’re a “dreamer,” and since dreamers don’t pay taxes, why should you? And see what happens. In 2014, Ronald Colburn, the former national deputy chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, said that Border Control agents were spending four hours a day at the gym or wiling away their days on computers at their desks because of orders from on high.

And then there is the cost. A study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform found that U.S. taxpayers pay $113 billion a year for illegal aliens. Doesn’t that number seem especially extravagant considering the Democrats’ current refrain that we don’t pay enough in taxes? Each year’s amount of federal income tax collected breaks all previous records, yet we are constantly bombarded with a need to increase taxes on the “wealthy,” which really means all of us working stiffs.

Amnesty surrogates always point to polls that they claim show Americans want open borders and for illegal aliens to have a path to citizenship. But if this were the case, wouldn’t President Obama and the Democrats have passed an amnesty package when they controlled all three arms of the federal government? They had two years to do it, but we didn’t hear a peep about it. That’s because if former President Obama and his Congress had pushed through an amnesty package, the infamous shellacking of 2010 would have been the precursor to a lost reelection effort in 2012. If Americans wanted amnesty, their elected representatives would have no problem passing legislation to give it to them.

Paul Ryan doesn’t speak for the Americans that voted for Donald Trump when he makes these emotional statements about illegal aliens.

Let’s acknowledge Ryan’s nod to Americans’ concerns about securing the border. Politicians and voters alike want to be seen as humane and not in favor of forcibly removing people from a land they have come to love. If feelings were the only consideration, then this would be tenable. But our laws deem entering the country or violating visa provisions a federal offense. And those laws should either be changed or enforced; otherwise the rule of law no longer exists.

Most amnesty advocates lose their fervor when they are asked to financially support illegal aliens out of their personal income. It’s fine to spread the exorbitant cost of housing, feeding, educating, and incarcerating illegals across all taxpayers, but insist that the illegals live in the advocates' homes, neighborhoods, and/or towns and their tone changes significantly.

President Trump campaigned on the completion of the border wall and the removal of criminal illegal aliens first and the deportation of the remaining afterwards. This isn’t negotiable with the American people. Let’s make sure the rule of law still means something.


Stacy Washington is a decorated Air Force veteran, Emmy-nominated TV personality,0 and host of nationally syndicated radio program 'Stacy on the Right.'