Carson and Trump mystery solved

Posted: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 | Meeke Addison | Politics

I wrote previously about Dr. Ben Carson’s shocking endorsement of Donald Trump, carefully suggesting that his decision was more political than principled. Many of Dr. Carson’s supporters have rejected this move, while others have extended the benefit of the doubt. And some of his supporters have even criticized my article, saying the retired neurosurgeon is a godly man and that I was perhaps too quick to judge his motives.

And now, even while the conversation topic is still hot, Dr. Carson’s recent interview on NewsmaxTV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show” puts all speculation to rest.

Monday, March 14, just three days after Dr. Carson’s surprising endorsement, the doctor commented on the recent protests surrounding Trump rallies, the path forward in rejecting the suppression of free speech, oh, and yes — his reluctant endorsement of Donald Trump. The Carson supporters who defended the doctor as principled and led by God may be right, but something else is also true: Dr. Ben Carson is political.

“The reason that I’m choosing Trump is because I’m a big-picture guy, and I recognize that he’s bringing in a lot of people who were not interested in coming in before,” Dr. Carson said in Monday’s interview.

Certainly, we may not always need to read between the lines when a person speaks, but there are times when what’s between the lines is more telling than the actual lines. In this case, it seems Dr. Carson is implying that the American people can endure anything for four years: “The way I look at it, even if Donald Trump turns out not to be such a great president, which I don’t think is the case, I think he’s going to surround himself with really good people,” he commented. “But even if he didn’t, we’re only looking at four years, as opposed to multiple generations and perhaps the loss of the American dream forever,” Carson reasoned.

It appears the doctor is rationalizing his support of Trump with the hope that the presidential hopeful will surround himself with “good people” — even suggesting that he would be one of those people: “I will be doing things as well …certainly in an advisory capacity,” the former candidate revealed.

A political grab? I would say so.

Now just because this is a political grab doesn’t mean that Dr. Carson’s motives aren’t noble. I actually believe Dr. Carson isn’t in love with politics. I still believe he loves this country and cares about her direction. However, we cannot ignore his recent chess move.

Unprovoked, Dr. Carson admitted he is a reluctant supporter of Donald Trump. He told Steve Malzberg, “I have to look at what is practical. I didn’t see a path for Kasich, who I like, or for Rubio, who I like.” And what of Cruz? Well, Dr. Carson believes Senator Ted Cruz would need to undergo “some kind of miraculous change” if he were to be able to draw Independents and Democrats.

So not only did Dr. Carson wave the white flag of surrender to politics, but he also in some way confirmed that our nation is in bigger trouble than we all realized. “Is there another scenario that I would have preferred? Yes. But that scenario isn’t available,” Dr. Carson said.

What a sad state of affairs.