Is this discrimination?

Posted: Thursday, June 2, 2016 | Lonnie Poindexter | Politics

A pastor hires an attorney in Jacksonville, FL to handle a personal injury case on his behalf. But the attorney reconsiders when he learns of the pastor’s strongly held religious beliefs, specifically those that do not affirm homosexuality. So he sends the pastor a letter stating that he must end the business relationship because he believes in homosexuality and has a homosexual son.


Attorney Eric S. Block

That is what is happening with Bishop Kenneth Adkins, pastor of Greater Dimensions Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, FL. Bishop Adkins has fought the radical LGBT community’s agenda to have their plight added to the Human Rights Ordinance Bill in Jacksonville, and he asserts attorney Eric S. Block knew full well about his activism when he hired him for representation in a personal injury case. According to Adkins, Block assured him it wouldn’t be a problem. Nonetheless, on April 22nd, 2016, the attorney severed ties with his client.

Bishop Adkins was surprised to get the letter and says he felt discriminated against because of his Christian beliefs. When I asked him why he felt that way, he responded, “If it had been a Christian attorney who was representing a client who was homosexual, and the attorney decided to drop the client because he did not agree with the client’s lifestyle, there would be mass protests in the streets in front of the attorney’s office, news crews, and a big lawsuit against the attorney.”

Bishop Adkins feels there is a double standard.

The pastor has been embroiled in a prolonged battle with the radical factions of the homosexual community in Jacksonville — a battle that is so heated, in fact, that Adkins’ business has reportedly been “black listed.” His clients have been warned against employing Issachar Media Group, the public relations and advertising company the pastor operates in Jacksonville, and even threatened that they would be ostracized in the business community if they use his company and its services. Adkins says his business has dropped significantly since he was made aware of the black listing, and that may be the real reason Block has dropped him as well.


Bishop Kenneth Adkins

Today, we live in a climate of political correctness so entrenched  that if you differ with what is deemed appropriate (the false doctrine of tolerance and inclusion) by what experts say is no more than two to three percent of the general population, then you are ostracized and deemed persona non grata simply because you disagree. Why is it when Christians stand up for both their God-given inalienable and First Amendment rights, they are deemed bigots, hate mongers, or worse? And how is it okay, or even legal for that matter, to attack one’s business and livelihood and threaten one’s clients simply because he has an independent thought and a biblical worldview?

Bishop Adkins has been a vocal opponent to the LBGT expansion of the HRO Bill in Jacksonville, FL. He’s held press conferences, put heat on the City Council members, and served as a spokesman for the Christian community to protect its religious liberties. He created community awareness through meetings with pastors and helped get petitions signed at churches and businesses.

Because of this, he is hated by the radical factions of the homosexual and transgender community. Further, he is not supported by the liberal church leadership in the region who have acquiesced to pressure to soften their views on homosexuality and the agenda behind it. Bishop Adkins suspects there is a profit motive behind their soft stance as well.

I am reminded of the LGBT attack on Chick-fil-A in 2014 after Dan Cathy, the restaurant’s CEO, merely stated his personal views concerning his support for traditional marriage based on his religious beliefs. A boycott of all Chick-fil-A restaurants was launched, and anyone supporting the restaurant chain was labeled a hate monger and homophobic.

image003Former Governor and later presidential candidate Mike Huckabee spoke up on the issue, defending Cathy’s right to free speech and freedom of religion via the First Amendment. He suggested there be a Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day and encouraged all Christians to support the chain. That week, Chick-fil-A set records for restaurant attendance, with lines around the block at all locations throughout the nation.  The Christian community flexed its muscle and in one weekend squashed the gay mafia’s attack on the restaurant chain.

But Bishop Adkins laments that the attacks have crippled his business significantly, and he will have to rebuild his client base. The situation has also negatively impacted church attendance, as some congregants are afraid of the activist LGBT community’s retaliation. But he plans to hire another attorney.

I submit that we need a “Chick-fil-A Appreciation” type of event for Bishop Kenneth Adkins. If you are in the greater Jacksonville area and in need of his services, please reach out to him. He can be reached at  or at (404) 227-0924.

Like with Chick-fil-A and Target, this happening is a stellar opportunity for the Church to again flex its spiritual muscle. Church, stand up!