Historical truth vs. Black Camelot's false narrative

Posted: Monday, July 4, 2016 | Lonnie Poindexter | Politics

In light of the foolishness of Democrat leadership who recently disrupted the floor of the House of Representatives with an anti-civil rights “sit-in” against four gun regulation bills that failed to pass, I think what Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) told Fox News’ Charles Payne is fitting:

"When people go on for 12 hours, saying things [like], 'It's about guns,' then that means Boston was about a pressure cooker. It wasn't. Both of them were about radical Islam."

House Democrats are using the tragic murder of 49 Americans and critical injuring of 53 others in Orlando at the hands of a radical Islamic terrorist as justification to further restrict gun ownership for law-abiding Americans. So I thought I would put their attempts to rewrite history and commandeer the true narrative in perspective with a little history lesson. 

In short, it's a publicity stunt to divert attention from the failed foreign policies of the Obama administration, what I have dubbed “Black Camelot” because of the affinity liberal America, particularly black America, has for the Obama’s harkening back to an era when Jack and Jackie Kennedy reigned as America’s 1st “royal family.” The press corps of the era dubbed the Kennedys “Camelot.”

But the Obamas are no Kennedys, and in my opinion, the policies of this administration contributed to the tragic deaths of those 49 people in the Orlando night club last month -- Misdirection from the "hands off" radicalized Muslims issued to the FBI by Black Camelot, misdirection and policies that contributed to the internal bumbling that let a radical Islamic terrorist purchase guns when he had been on a terrorist watchlist, as he and his father had a history of being anti-American. I feel the pouters sitting on the House floor in our Capitol had the blessing from Black Camelot to do so.

The goal and agenda of the sit-in was to take away our constitutional right to defend ourselves, and it was also to drive the “plight” of homosexuals as a disenfranchised and special class in need of special rights. But I think Black Camelot actually threw them under the bus, because he still won’t call the attacker what he is: A radical Islamic terrorist who killed gay Americans because of his hatred for homosexuals per his strict adherence to the tenets of Sharia Law and disdain for the American ideals.

Even calling the attack "the worst shooting in America's history" is propaganda. In fact, three significant events of Americans being massacred via gun violence take precedence:

  1. In 1919, in the Jim Crow South (Elaine, AR -- controlled by Democrats by the way), 200 blacks were massacred, and several others were arrested simply because they met in a black church to discuss how they could stop their white landlords from cheating them out of their cotton crops. No one was arrested, tried, or convicted, and no one officially classified it as a "hate crime." 
  2. Two years later, on May 31, 1921, 300 blacks were murdered, 800 others were wounded, and 6,000 were arrested when southern whites went on a killing rampage after the Tulsa Tribune released a front page article falsely claiming that a black man raped a white woman. In addition to killing 300 blacks, they burned down and entire black community consisting of 35 city blocks. Again, this took place in the Democrat Jim Crow South. No whites were arrested or charged, and as of today, no one has officially classified it as a hate crime or a mass murder.
  3. One year after this incident, on December 31, 1922, in the Democrat-controlled city of Rosewood, Florida, 100 blacks, including small children, were massacred after it was alleged that a black man had raped a white woman. I’ll say again that this took place in the Democrat-controlled South.

Why does the Black Camelot-loving media intentionally ignore these historical incidents where no whites were ever arrested or charged and where the police did not intervene and shoot the murderers?

Those three historical events were not mentioned by the Democrat sit-in participants or by Black Camelot because all three were committed by Democrats of the era, so the historical truth doesn’t fit today's false narrative. Had the black Americans of those three incidents been armed, I believe the outcomes would have been different.

The goal of the liberal progressive agenda is to disarm us as a people while assuring us that “it's for your own good.” History, however -- the black Americans of the 1920s South, the homosexuals in Orlando, FL, and the Jews of World War II Nazi Germany -- teaches a different story.