Will race and sexuality-controlled conversations end in 2017?

Posted: Thursday, December 15, 2016 | Meeke Addison | Politics

An openly homosexual radio host recently told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson the liberal left "now want[s] Christians to pre-emptively prove that they pay allegiance to conforming and to secular society."

Tammy Bruce commented on the recent "beliefs attack" against Fixer Upper hosts Chip and Joanna Gains, saying, "The great news is that this attack failed." Bruce believes the attack failed because Americans are ready to reject the types of cultural bullying we regularly experienced under eight years of the Obama administration. She's right. It appears a new day is dawning, and we are sick of being told how to feel about issues and people. I hope that onto the trash heap of fear and intimidation levied by liberals we will throw race manipulation as well.

This week, black liberals lost their collective minds at the thought of "woke" folks meeting with Donald Trump. For almost ten years, the thought police have controlled cultural engagement. People have been afraid to think independently, and they dare not express those independent thoughts publicly. But this may finally be coming to an end. Since Donald Trump won the presidential election, he has met with what some call controversial individuals. Some of the controversy is over words those individuals have previously spoken, positions they have taken politically, the money in their bank accounts, and (gasp) the color of their skin.

The large expectation was that Donald Trump wouldn't and shouldn't receive support from black Americans. Forget about the fact that he is the first president in decades to draft a specific plan for revitalizing urban neighborhoods and communities. Additionally, we now know that Mr. Trump's plan comes from listening to the ideas of people like Claud Anderson, who encourages blacks to succeed economically. And while I don't agree with all of Mr. Anderson's ideas for economic success, I certainly agree that bigger government is not the answer. Dr. Boyce Watkins in response to black folks meeting with Donald Trump pointed out that Claud Anderson's ideas were ignored by the Obama administration and the Clinton team, as they already had black support. It would appear that Mr. Trump is the only one willing to listen to what ails the black community rather that purporting to know.

Black liberal elites can feel their hold on hardworking blacks slipping, and they don't like it. They have worked non-stop to silence any black person who dared voice support for Donald Trump. They denigrated black ministers as hired help and insulted other black Americans, calling them "Uncle Toms" or self-haters. They mocked blacks who were willing to simply listen to Donald Trump, criticizing their level of intelligence. But what will they do in this new season of freedom, when among the high-profile people meeting with Donald Trump is Mr. Jim Brown, one of the most beloved and respected civil rights activists our generation has known?

At 80 years old, he is bold, lucid, and unafraid to be blunt. How refreshing! In the hours following his meeting with the president-elect, Jim Brown has repeatedly praised the willingness of Donald Trump to sincerely listen to his concerns and offer solutions.

In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Jim Brown was asked about the white men "predominantly" making up Trump's Cabinet. And in a response certain to cause heart attacks among successful race manipulators, Jim Brown said, "That's a tremendous question, you know, and I give an answer, and a lot of the people, black people in my community, might think I'm a sellout by saying this: The three greatest people in my life as a young person were white -- my high school superintendent, my high school coach and … Kenneth Molloy, who's a mentor to yours truly."

What?! That sound you heard was Marc Lamont Hill's head exploding.

I'm looking forward to more and more black people waking up to the intimidation we have endured for decades. To be sure, there is a legitimate fear in the air. Just think about it. What if Trump is successful? What if black communities are revitalized? What if Christian conviction is protected? What if the thought police and race-baiters are relieved of their duties? What if healthy discourse returns to the public square? Now wouldn’t that make America great again?