Carson's intelligence a plus for HUD

Posted: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 | Chris Woodward, | Politics

While not everyone may be a fan of Dr. Ben Carson running the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), one expert cites at least of couple of reason why he sees it as a positive.

President-elect Donald Trump yesterday announced he has chosen the renowned surgeon – and former campaign rival – to be his housing secretary. American Enterprise Institute (AEI) resident fellow Edward J. Pinto, co-director of AEI's International Center on Housing Risk, isn't concerned about the selection.

"I believe it's positive for a couple of reasons," says Pinto. "One is I believe HUD needs a complete revamping in terms of its policies, approaches. It has a decades-long history of failure and it continues to fail. The country deserves a department that has much more success than they've had."

Meanwhile, Pinto thinks Carson will bring an intelligent mind and experience to the job.

"... Many people will say, Well, he doesn't have experience with HUD," he acknowledges. "[But] I view that as a positive because he'll be looking at it with a new eye based on his experience and based on his experience growing up."

Carson grew up poor and lived for a time in public housing in Detroit.

"Lastly, I think someone of Dr. Carson's intelligence and generally very intelligent people can understand these issues and get grounded in them very quickly," says Pinto.