The passionately misinformed meets a sacred cow

Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2016 | Lonnie Poindexter | Politics

At the invitation of one of the chapter presidents for the Tea Party Patriots, I attended a rally on the steps of the Supreme Court this week.

Justices began hearing oral arguments in the case challenging President Obama’s 2014 executive actions to stop the deportation of millions of people living in America illegally.

TeaPartyPatriotsRallyThere were many notable observations of the rally, one being Emery McClendon, a black American and the president of the Tea Party Patriots’ Indiana chapter. So there one person kills the sacred cow of liberals who claim that those within the Tea Party movement are racists.

I also observed a few thousand protesters who descended on the SCOTUS steps demanding that the justices, who are currently split 4-4 on the matter, uphold President Obama’s executive action.

Democracy now, Occupy Democrats, and other pro-amnesty groups bused in individuals from all over the country and from all walks of life. There were black protesters, white protesters, Asian protesters, even clergymen protesting in support of the president’s executive order. The majority of protesters present were Latino.

I saw a group of young black males with matching tee-shirts and signs reading, “Our dreams are not illegal.” When I asked them why they were there, they couldn’t articulate to me with any degree of certainty the issues regarding amnesty. But they were there to protest nonetheless. I actually found this to be true of many protesters there — Angry and shouting without knowing why.  I call them the passionately misinformed.

TShirtsAndSignsSpeaker after speaker, many in Spanish, riled against perceived injustice, shouting and demanding that our government keep their families together. The music played between speakers was also in Spanish, and some of the orators even acknowledged that they were living in America illegally. Apparently they had no fear of being arrested and/or deported.

What I found especially troubling was the fact that the Tea Party Patriot community was given no respect during its portion of the rally. They were sneered and shouted down. And when they began to say the Pledge of Allegiance, the protesters did not participate and even booed. Likewise, when the national anthem was sung, the protesters — those who say they are American and want justice with amnesty — booed some more.

It was a sad moment for me. Growing up, I was taught to always respect the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem with my right hand placed proudly over my heart — whether I was in school, in church, or at a ball game.  But now, there is a segment of our society today that has no regard for such things as respecting our national heritage. And that number includes both those here legally in the USA and those who demand citizenship and are here illegally.

What kind of citizenry are we allowing in our country if we allow those who hold no regard for our national sovereignty, history, or customs? And will that citizenry assimilate into the dominant American culture?

LonnieatRallyBecause our elected officials have no backbone and because our Supreme Court is stacked with justices who knee-jerk respond to the liberal constituency that got them appointed, my fear is that amnesty will be granted. The end result in the near term is our national identity and DNA will be replaced. In the long term, America will become Balkanized — based not on states’ rights and sovereignty, but based on ethnicity, nationality of origin, and religion. In effect, we will become what Europe is now facing: A seething cauldron of multiculturalism. 

My final observation of the rally was that only about 100 patriots turned out for this event, as opposed to a few thousand in number for the opposition.  The media took full account of that fact, as every outlet in Washington was at this event and reported thusly with their biased slant, since they are of the same ideology as those who coordinated the protest.

If the Church doesn’t wake up from its slumber and get off of its derrière, 20 years from now, America will not resemble in any shape or form what we have taken so much pride in over the last 200-plus years.

26 states, including Texas, position that President Obama’s programs represent an abuse of executive power that would negatively impact their budgets with costs they can ill afford. Particularly at issue is driver’s licenses given to illegal immigrants. 

The court will issue its decision on the case in June.