Christian response to Hillary and Jay-Z's "middle finger to the Lord"

Posted: Monday, November 7, 2016 | Bishop E.W. Jackson | Music & Entertainment

Hillary Clinton gleefully enlisted the help of Jay-Z to get out the vote. The misogynistic rapper showed up and gave an uncensored performance that would make any decent American blush. There were weeks of hysterical media coverage over an 11-year-old video of Trump’s private locker room bragging, rightly deemed disrespectful to women. Hillary appeared last Friday at a concert headlined by Jay-Z, who loaded his lyrics with the n-word, f-bombs, the b-word, and just about every crude and blasphemous line his evil imagination could conjure. Neither Hillary nor the mainstream media made a peep.

Why was Hillary not outraged? She did not object because her real concern is power, not people. If ignoring insults to women advances her cause, she is silent. If sounding like defender of the dignity of women helps her, she screams in that annoying pitch which we have all heard.

Hillary also claims to be a Christian, yet she was also silent at this shocking lyric:

“Middle finger to the Lord, ni*ga grip I'm a boss”

From a Christian perspective at least, blaspheming God is a more serious moral infraction that disrespecting women. However, she did not come to the defense of her alleged faith or the God she purports to serve. We know the Democrat Party has built its recent coalition on being anti-Christian and anti-Bible, but this takes it to a new low.

Jay-Z may have stumbled upon the best slogan for today’s Democrat Party - "Middle finger to the Lord.” That's how many Democrat elites think. Now we know this is how Hillary thinks. The woman whose mentor - Saul Alinsky - dedicated his seminal work to Lucifer, continues to dance with the devil to get where she wants to go. 

This is more proof that black Christians are being used, while she tramples every value they hold dear, particularly respect and honor for God. She really thinks that carrying hot sauce in her pocket book, mimicking the style of a southern black preacher, and now, asking a black rapper to headline her rally, are the racial gestures that will buy her the black vote, lock, stock, and barrel.

She couldn't care less and has no plan to address the thousands of black people, including innocent women and children, murdered each year in urban violence. She has no plan to deal with the hundreds of thousands of black babies racially selected by Planned Parenthood for extermination. She is hostile to Christians who believe that the only valid marriage is between one man and one woman, including those black churchgoers whose votes she covets.

The 2016 presidential election will soon be over. I am pleading with Americans to open your eyes. The mainstream media has unleashed their best propaganda to depict Donald Trump as racist and sexist while ignoring the moral bankruptcy and corruption of Hillary Clinton.

Christians must see through the agenda of the mainstream media and ask, “Who will protect my freedoms, respect my faith, and care enough about the safety and well being of my family not to put our national security at risk?” I can personally attest that Donald Trump has humbled himself, sacrificed his own wealth, raised his hand to God, and asked for His help and the help of His people. Hillary Clinton has exalted herself, used her position to extort wealth, and stood with Jay-Z as he raised his middle finger to God.

Donald Trump has empathized with the plight of Christians persecuted for their belief in traditional marriage and promised to defend our religious liberty. Hillary Clinton has expressed hostility against Christians as a basket of deplorables, homophobes, sexists, and racists and promised to curtail our First Amendment rights.

It is so obvious that it should not require mention, but Christians - black, white, Hispanic, Asian and others - must unite across all denominational lines to elect Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States, or we may have four to eight years of “middle finger to the Lord.” This may be our last chance before God runs out of patience.