MTV Awards Show is sexism at its worst

Posted: Wednesday, August 31, 2016 | Bill Bumpas, | Music & Entertainment

The Parents Television Council (PTC) maintains this past Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards Show was fairly tame compared to recent years, however, the watchdog group urges the network to tone down the sexualization of women.

MTV's 2016 annual music awards show – which received lower viewership than 2015 – was described by PTC as a night of contrasts.  

PTC's Melissa Henson emphasized the difference that was observed between the male and female artists on stage during the awards ceremony.

"The male performers are allowed to do their songs with all of their clothes on,” Henson stressed. “And for some reason, it appears that the women – if they're going to perform – they have to be performing practically in their underwear. [This is] not as it should be."

Henson specifically pointed to Brittany Spear's performance alongside a male entertainer.

"And here she's revealing so much skin and he's completely covered up, and that shows an imbalance in the relationship and that shows the way she was dancing and performing on stage – putting her in a submissive or subservient role to him,” the pro-family advocate contended. “And that's not an empowering message to be sending to girls."

Henson noted another vividly striking contrast when the U.S. Olympic women's gymnastics team was honored.

"And you see these women and what they've accomplished, and what a powerful, strong message they're communicating to young girls, contrasted with some of the female performers on stage there – who are self-objectifying or self-sexualizing in their performances," she continued.

Henson insists that MTV needs to stop sending these conflicting messages about women.