Four Christmas stories

Posted: Friday, December 1, 2017 | Joseph Parker | Faith

Stories of Salvation, Grace, Peace and Love

In addition to the gold, frankincense, and myrrh, the gifts given to the Christ Child in Matthew 2, there is much more treasure to be found in the stories of Christmas in the Word of God. In Matthew chapters 1 and 2 and Luke chapters 1 and 2, the stories in Scripture that make up THE Christmas Story are found. It is here in these four chapters that we find in God’s Word a treasury of grace, salvation and hope that make up the wonderful and blessed story of Christmas.

The narratives that make up the Christmas story, are simple yet profound; humble, yet glorious and full of wonder. They are about normal people who have encounters with wonderful and supernatural events. In these stories God invades the Earth with His peace, hope, and the gift of salvation – His Son Jesus Christ.

During Advent consider a few suggestions that can greatly bless your observance of Christmas. Take time to read Matthew chapters 1 and 2 and Luke chapters 1 and 2. And when you have finished, read them again. Spend time reading and meditating on them throughout the month of December.

Read as an individual believer, but also, read with your family. Parents, have your children take turns and ask each one to read one of the four chapters out loud to you. Its good if you read it to them, but also let them read it to you (very often, they will get more out of it if they do the reading).

So, please, during this holy season, make it a high priority to read and meditate – several times – on the Christmas stories. Make time even in this busy season. We need to learn an important lesson from the wise men of Matthew 2In the busyness of their lives they were wise enough to put their busyness aside. They took much of their time, money, and energy and effort to follow God. They followed the divinely guided start to come and find the King of Kings.

Let’s you and I, this Christmas, be wise men and women. People who are willing to put aside our “weapons of mass distraction” - our T.V.’s, computers, our mp3 players, game systems, cd players and cell phones. Let’s put aside some of our shopping, and our gift buying and seek the Christ in the Word of God.

Now some believers will read the Christmas stories once or twice during the Christmas holidays. And that’s better than not reading them at all. But why only nibble on God’s Word when Jesus daily invites us to dine on it? (See John 21:12). Taking time to read and meditate on the Christmas stories throughout the Christmas season will be its own reward. It’s a gift you can give to yourself, and to your family – and to Jesus.

Let’s take the time!

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