Sign this open letter to America's schools

Posted: Monday, February 26, 2018 | | Education

Sign this open letter to America's schools

American Family Association is asking every school in the country to put this statement on their school marquee or school sign for one week: "You shall not murder."

While the country is discussing gun control laws, we think our young people should also be reminded that innocent human life is precious. Murder is against the law in every state, and these four words also emphasize that it's morally wrong.

Schools regularly use words to encourage and discourage behavior. We tell students, "Say no to bullying," "Don’t text and drive," and "Say no to drugs." In light of the increasing violence in our schools, let's send the clear message, "You shall not murder." This is the sixth of the Ten Commandments.


  1. Add your name to our Open Letter to America's Schools.
  2. Contact your local school administrators and ask them to post "You shall not murder" on the school marque for one week.
  3. Share this alert via Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to use Twitter hashtag #Number6.
  4. Tweet a picture of your school sign using Twitter hashtag #Number6.
  5. Pray for the families of victims of school violence.