Pink is for girls, blue is for boys ... BIAS ALERT!

Posted: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 | Bob Kellogg, | Education

Once again, an institute of higher learning is inventing biases and offenses where there were none before – this time at a Massachusetts college where evidently some people take offense at the colors pink and blue.

As if there aren't enough "microaggressions" out there today, Williams College in Massachusetts says color-coding pink things for girls and blue things for boys is a reportable "bias incident," according to the College Fix.

"So we're talking about just the color pink and just the color blue triggering individuals to such a degree that they now have to create a set of rules around it," explains Urban Family Talk's Stacy Washington, who also serves on the National Advisory Council for Project 21.

The activist contends such failed and ridiculous ideologies are going to continue to appear on college campuses so students can be indoctrinated before they've had a chance to form what they believe.

"And it's our job as parents to stop them," she emphasizes. "And not just to stop them but [also] to inoculate our children against that with a Christian worldview, obviously, first and foremost. But beyond the Christian worldview, [with] the ability to counter these arguments with logical, clear thinking, facts, and the truth."

Syracuse University had a similar bias policy last year. But the Washington Examiner reports that after unfavorable media attention, the pink and blue issue is no longer found on Syracuse's website.

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